My Dear Friends,

When you first elected me as your Judge six years ago, I promised to put my hands, my head and my heart to work for you as your Justice of the 13th Court of Appeals, Place. 3.  I promised you that I’d deliver unbiased justice by basing my decisions on the law as it is written — not by rewriting rules from behind the bench.

The work I’ve done day in and day out over the past six years is living proof that I kept my promise … and that I remain committed to ensuring that the appeals process is fair, open and honest to everyoneregardless of who you are, where you live or what side of the aisle you’re from.

As I prepare to face a challenger in the upcoming November general election, I want you to know why I believe I’m still the right Judge for the job.

Of the six Judges on the 13th Court of Appeals, I am the only Judge with board certification, and the only one with career-long experience in appellate law.

As a native of the Rio Grande Valley and a 30-year resident of Corpus Christi, I have spent a lifetime serving the needs of the many diverse communities in this sprawling district, which spans from Central Texas all the way to the Rio Grande.

With your support, I can continue to fight for a justice system that transcends politics, one that unites rather than divides the people it was created to serve — and one that upholds the integrity of equal justice under the law, just as called for in our Constitution.

I humbly ask for your faith and your vote once again this November as I seek to preserve justice in South Texas now and in the future.

Justice doesn’t come easy, but I’m willing to work for it.



Justice Greg Perkes

Why I’m The Right Judge For The Job

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