“Justices must uphold the law, not only professionally, but in their personal lives”

Watch Greg Perkes, Candidate for Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Pl. 2 Daytime at Nine Interview that aired today on KGBT and KSCC.

published 10/24/2018

Corpus Christi Caller-Times’ Endorses Greg Perkes for Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Pl. 2!

“13th Court of Appeals, Place 2: Greg Perkes (R)

While there are ample jurisprudence reasons to like Perkes, he’s the choice for the simple reason that Democratic incumbent Nora Longoria’s behavior during a messy drunken-driving arrest disqualifies her in our book. She beat the rap on technicalities.”

(Editorial Board, Corpus Christi Caller-Times |Published 7:00 a.m. CT Oct. 19, 2018 | Updated 4:40 p.m. CT Oct. 19, 2018)


Why the Appellate Court is Important to YOU!

published on 10/19/18

Justice Arrested, courtesy of CBS 4 News/YouTube

published on 7/14/14

McAllen Police Dept. Video of Longoria Arrest/Booking, courtesy of CBS 4 News/YouTube

published on 12/10/14

Police Chief Speaks Out On Nora Longoria Case, courtesy of CBS 4 News/YouTube

published on 12/10/14

DWI charges dropped against justice Nora Longoria, courtesy of CBS News 4/YouTube

published on 12/3/14

DUI Dropped – Judge Fails Sobriety Test, Won’t Face Charges – Fox News Channel, courtesy of USA Freedom at Risk/YouTube

published on 12/8/14

Will Nora Longoria’s case be revisited?, courtesy of CBS 4 News/YouTube

published on 1/7/15

Longoria Issues Apology (Public Admonition) CBS 4 News/YouTube

published on 3/20/15

Justice Nora Longoria receives Public Admonishment from State of Texas Committee on Judicial Conduct.

See the full document – Public Admonition of Justice Nora Longoria


Sept. 14: Nick Jimenez: The 13th Court of Appeals under appreciated

Greg Perkes and Leticia Hinojosa are running for election to a post that can’t raise your taxes, won’t get your street fixed, can’t change the zoning on your block and can’t do anything about your kid’s report card.


Sept. 15: Courts: Lawyers pray for judicial year in annual Red Mass

When judicial leaders must execute justice and mercy in the wake of public opinion, Bishop Michael Mulvey encourages them to pray.The bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi prayed over lawyers and other elected officials Thursday during Red Mass, a legal tradition dating back to the 13th century in Europe that marks the beginning of a judicial year. The Catholic church celebrates and prays for the judiciary during the liturgy.